September 4-7

September 4 –7

Good Evening!!

I want to let you know what we will be doing in Pre-K this week. We started assessments for Math and Reading today. Mrs. Kane and I will be working with your child to see what they know and what we need to work on this coming year.

We did start Religion today!  This week is Lesson 1: There is One God: Blessed Trinity. We are using the shamrock as a great way to remind us that there is only one God, but He is Three Persons. We are learning how to say the Sign of the Cross and The Glory Be prayer.

This week we are learning the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow).



*Please check your child’s folder daily.

*We do provide snack every day, but if you choose to send a snack from home, please label the item as snack or put into a separate lunch box.  Some children are thinking they can eat their lunch for snack.

*Rest mats will come this Friday to be washed.

*Students should not be wearing sandals or flip flops to school.  This is considered unsafe and a uniform violation.

*Picture Day is Tuesday, September 11