Welcome Back to School! 8/29

Welcome Back!!!

It was so wonderful to see all the smiles back in class today!  I know today is a lot of procedures, rules and learning routines 🙂  Hopefully, heads are not spinning from all the info, I know as they practice and get back into routine all will be fabulous!  Just a couple of things…

Summer work – if you did not complete your summer work for me, please do it and pass it in for Tuesday the 4th.  I know there were a few that were not sure and maybe we have some new students who enrolled last minute..please try to complete the 10 reteaching pages.  These are from the first 10 lessons from our book and we will go over them next week and there will be a test on Thursday or Friday next week on these skills.

Calculators– it has been brought to my attention that calculators were not on the supply list but listed as an optional purchase.  Students will need to have a calculator every day.  It can be just a basic 4 function calculator.  It does not have to graph or print or anything like that.  Please choose wisely, as the $1.00 variety may break easily so choose a more sturdy kind. 😉

This year I will only be teaching Math. 🙂 I will not be teaching 6th grade English.  If you are looking for 6th English, please look at Mrs. Engel’s page.

Homework all classes!!  Summer work is due no later than Tuesday 9/4.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via e-mail.

Have a fun afternoon!