August 29, 2018 First Day—Specials Schedule!

Good afternoon!

I’m using this webpage as my e-mail platform today until our system let’s us populate parent e-mails.  If you are reading this, your child did a great job of telling you to check it!

4th grade had a big day, and I know they will be tired this evening (I am!).  We spent most of our day going over rules and regulations and learning how to navigate our classroom.  I FULLY expect to be into our books tomorrow.

Just some odds and ends I wanted to share with you…

  • If you took your child’s books home the other night to cover them, PLEASE return them tomorrow as we will be working out of them.  They don’t need to be covered until Friday though.
  • I had a few students today who did not have all of the supplies they needed.  If you did not purchase a school supply kit, please review your supply list carefully and make the necessary purchases.  Students MUST have erasable pens, the correct amount of 70 page notebooks (5), etc.  

  • A Wednesday folder will be coming home today. Please always sign the outside of the Wednesday folders.  Also, please sign and return what’s inside the Wednesday folders.  Most Wednesdays, Wednesday folders will contain tests.  Tests will need to be signed, placed back in the Wednesday folder, and returned to school.
  • The only drink allowed in the classroom is water. Please do not send Gatorade or other things that can stain.
  • Classroom DOJO will be our way of rewarding and discouraging poor behavior.  It has a parent app attached to it so  you can track your child’s progress throughout the day.  More information will be coming home about that next week.
  • Students will have the following specials every week on the following days.
    • Monday – P.E.
    • Tuesday – Library
    • Wednesday – Art
    • Thursday – Computer and Spanish
    • Friday – Music
  • Tomorrow, I will send home your child’s lunch account number.  It will be written on the inside of your child’s travel folder (maroon).
  • Please make sure your child has a reading book with them tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Mrs. A