Welcome to Pre-K 2018-2019

Welcome to Pre-K!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! 🙂

Just a few items you need for Pre-K:

  • Rest mat – Rest mats should be the kind that have the pillow and blanket attached and roll up easy for  your child to bring home to have washed.  I have found Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Amazon, have the best selections with the nap and go rest mats.  At the beginning of the school year you can find them in the stores at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but usually very limited supply.


  • Backpack– Your child will need to have a backpack. The back pack should be able to fit their travel folder (daily folder that will come home every day with them– this is provided to your child on the first day of school, you do not need to purchase this in Pre-K) and rest mat.  I send the rest mat home every other Friday to get washed.  When we get into the flu season, I will send it home every week to be washed to hopefully, get rid of those pesky germs!


  • Spare Clothes– Your child needs at least one spare outfit in case of accidents, sickness, or just because of getting messy. Spare outfit consists of shirt, bottoms (shorts or pants depending of time of the year), underwear, and socks. You can put these in a labeled bag that will stay in your child’s cubby.


All other school supplies are provided to your child in Pre-K. 


I look forward to meeting you all and having your child in Pre-K!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!  See you in August!! 🙂


Ms. Trish Mattingly