Tuesday, May 29, 2018

  • Please see today’s e-mail.

  • Our St. Mary’s City field trip will be on Thursday, May 30th.  We will leave at 9:30 and return by 2:30. All chaperones are welcome. There is a $10 fee to be a chaperone.  Please e-mail me in advance if you are interested.

Tests for the week of 5/29.  Tests are on Friday, June 1st.

  • Spelling test on Lessons 31-35 (cumulative test of 40 basic words—no review or challenge)

  • Math Cumulative test 22B and Power Up Division 23 (Will review on Wednesday, study guide was given 5/29)

  • Science test on Chapter 6, Lesson 5 (Use worksheet for study guide)

  • Social Studies test on Chapter 9—-multiple choice only (Study Guide was given 5/29)

Written Homework for 5/29

English- workbook pg. 125 (due tomorrow)

Spelling – pg. 228-229 (due tomorrow)

Reading – Journal Entry for Chapters 11-12, choose #1 or #3 (due tomorrow)

Science worksheet (finish from last week–due tomorrow)

Packets due on Friday, June 1.

Math Benchmark Test

English Packet