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Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s Web Page

It’s my goal to post helpful info,important reminders, and homework for ALL my classes on this page.



Your student should be maintaining a homework agenda, writing down HW at school. I do post HW and some important reminders daily on this web page so that HW can be confirmed, and also, so that absent students can obtain assignments. Thanks.

If your child has lower test scores, please encourage ACTIVE studying, not “looking it over”. This can dramatically increase performance. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of completing all homework thoughtfully…not rushing through it just to get it done. Thank you. Mrs. Taylor


Study Tips

Here are some of my favorite study tips–start early:

  • Turn the objectives or What you will learn into “Can I….” questions to check for understanding.
  • Always use Previewing Technique for reading assignments and any worksheets!
  • Preview workbook pages before reading the section and “take notes” by filling in the science workbook pages.
  • Use the 2/3,1/3 method for definitions (modeled in class)
  • Use index cards to create vocab study cards. Use them to make a written quiz for yourself; First put word side up and write the definitions. Then put definitions side up and retest the opposite way.

UPCOMING TESTS:Gr 6 Sci (planets and stars and layers of atmosphere)Thurs 5/31 Science Test Wed 5//30


GRADE 7 HR–Our class party will be June 5. HR Parents will be contacting you I’m sure.

SPELLING/ GR 6 & 7 Less 17 due May 31 No spelling test

Gr 6 Sci -Study!! Use the outline given to study–inner and outer planets, where the asteroid belt exists, comets why the tail is pointing away from the Sun, Everything on that sheet! astronomical unit, light year, nebulae, steps and causes for life cycle of the star, HR diagram; luminosity, absolute and apparent magnitude, 3 kinds of spectra and how we use them to tell us about the composition of stars. p 44 diagram what happens to suns energy that reaches our atmosphere and earth(absorption, reflection, scattering) Idea that green house effect may be thought of as a bad thing but in reality it’s what allows our planet to be warm and have liquid water. The problem is we humans are putting too many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing too much heating of the atmosphere. Study the review question on p 45 of handout. Know the layers of the atmosphere and and each one’s contributions. How fluids move and how that unequal heating contributes to wind.  3 areas of calm in the global wind patterns and how Doldrums and Trade Winds and Horse latitudes got their names, , local winds ( sea breeze/land breeze: how do they form? ) , how is wind named, definitions of bolded terms such as Coriolis effect, monsoons, etc.



Please note: On-line textbook no longer is available but student resources are (such as quizzes!). Cut and paste the following into your browser. Then select Integrated science. Then level Red 2008.


Gr 7 Sci -Use the content outline and the energy flow handouts to study for test. Know all bold words and understand predator prey relationships and graphs of them, know the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration( the products of one are the reactants for the other and know what these products and reactants are!).

Please note: On-line textbook no longer is available but student resources are (such as quizzes!). Cut and paste the following into your browser. Then select Integrated science. Then level Green 2008.



Gr 8 Sci-Final projects are in progress.

Current timeline:All turned in!!!!

5/23 Corrections underway??? Due by Friday

5/22 Presentation are underway.

5/21 All journals, lab reports, and digital presentations should be available to me for review. Also, numbers were drawn for the order today.

5/18 Please complete your digital reports and lab reports by Monday and have them sent to me by 8 am. I need them so I can look at them during my planning times.

5/16 & 17 PLEASE be working on your lab reports and powerpoints. You might want to practice with one another. I will make the lab available during recess and lunch Thurs and Friday and Friday after school until 4:30 IF you have your parents email and give you permission to stay and work.preferably as a group.

5/15 You should be constructing your powerpoint now–even if it the skeleton and you fill in data later. Make sure have consolidated the journal entries into one doc that is shared and shared for editing to all members and me! That needs to be done by tomorrow 5/16 Presentations May 22-24. You will draw numbers to determine your order.

you should have created and shared the Google Doc that will be your journal. ( You may also create a Google Slides and share it if your team wants to use that rather than PowerPoint.) Once you add info, it automatically saves it to the doc and you do not need to send me a new invite. Please be sure to alternate one student each day as you get points for YOUR journal activity.

Know your materials list for tomorrow–All materials will be provided but you do not want to waste class time figuring this out. Many of you completed this today.

Pre-testing/testing starts tomorrow. All labs will be performed in school. Data tables can be created, data may be processed and reports created at home or school. Divide up the work and designate to team members. Be sure this designation is documented in your journal. Work days continue thru 5/18. Digital presentation and final lab report must be emailed by Monday May 21 8 am so that I can preview prior to presentations.




Please note: On-line textbook no longer is available but student resources are (such as quizzes!). Cut and paste the following into your browser. Then select Integrated science. Then level Blue 2008.