May 7- May 11

May 7-May 11

Here is what your child will be doing in Pre-K this week!

Math–  We will continue using various objects to add/subtract with numbers less than five. We will continue making guesses related to quantity (estimation). We will be focusing on what comes first, second, and third.   We will practice writing our numbers. We will continue working on sorting. We will look at ways to group objects (size, color, and shape).

Reading– We will finish Unit 10: ABC Book.  In this lesson we will learn about the letters Xx, Yy, and Zz.  This lesson focuses on rhyming words. This is our last unit of the year.

Religion– We will continue with Lesson 17: God Cares for Us an All He Made.

Science– We will finish our unit on “Our Five Senses”.



Monday, May 7– Meteorologist Justin Berk will be at St. John’s in the morning talking to the students about storm safety.  There will be a band concert at 2pm.

Friday, May,11– May Procession at 9am. Have your child dressed in their Sunday best. All are welcome. ?