Homework and Notes for 5/2

Scantron for 6th and 7th Grade Math will be next week.  7th grade will start testing on Tuesday and 6th grade will begin on Monday 🙂

7th Math:  There is a TEST tomorrow!!!!!!  Please study!!!  This will be a great opportunity for those who need a boost, to boost your grade!!  Any questions about the study guide we went over today in class, please send me an email.  I will check email until 9pm this evening 🙂

8th Math: Please try Practice Set on page 290. Circle any that give you trouble, after you have tried them, and we will go over them tomorrow in class.

6th Math: Please complete any unfinished work from the practice set 49 we did today in class. Then your homework is Reteaching 49.

6th English: Please finish workbook pages 82 – 84 and your study guide.  Use 83 and 84 as study guides to help you prepare for your test.  The test will be on Friday.  This was a very large chapter!!  Please go back and look up anything your have difficulty remembering.  Do not leave blank answers! Try your best, circle the ones you are not sure you understand, and we will go over it all tomorrow.

Have a great night!