8th Grade Announcements:

-Bake Sale is Wednesday.  Please send in something to support!

-Confirmation is set for Thursday, May 10th.

-May procession is Friday, May 11th.  Congratulations to Taylor Quade who will be our May Queen this year and to Callie McDonough and Nicole Osborne who will be her court.

-8th Grade formal is Saturday, May 19th at St. Michaels

The class trip is Tuesday, May 29th

-8th Grade last day is Thursday, May 31st

-8th Grade breakfast and graduation will be Tuesday, June 5th.  The Breakfast will be at 9:00am in the MHC and Graduation will be at 6:30pm in the church with a reception to follow in the MHC

More information will be coming for the events above that need them 🙂



8th Grade:    Vocabulary  23 workbook due on Friday and the test will be Monday 5/4.   Please make sure you are working on your Poetry project. Scantron testing will continue tomorrow during reading

7th Grade:   Please answer the following.  Do not write for more than 10 minutes but no less than 6.  Set a timer.

When Peter reaches for the Bible and reads from the psalm, how do you think the meaning of the song would have affected the people at the house? And how does it take on new meaning knowing that the title of this novel is in the psalm that Peter reads? What kind of stars could it be that God is numbering?


6th Grade:  The Giver: work on your independent study packet

Bud, Not Buddy:work on study guide