Homework 3/14

Happy Pi Day!!


Math classes have no homework! 6th and 8th Parents, ask your students about our Pi Day activities 🙂 7th grade, I’m sorry the test took all of our class time but I hope you enjoyed your pies! Safety Patrol have a fun field trip tomorrow!

6th English:  I hope you enjoyed your pie as well 🙂 For homework please finish workbook pages 68 and page 69.  Page 69 is an open book quiz!  Please check your answers!! These pages will be due on Tuesday. (Safety Patrol have a fun time on your field trip!)

Wax Museum Information: next week we will practice our speeches every day!! Please work on your memorization this weekend. 🙂  On March, 22, which is next Thursday, you will need to have your speech memorized, your backdrop complete, and your costume.  I am so excited! I can’t wait! I know everyone is going to do a fantastic job! Parents, an invitation was sent home today. 


Have a great day!