Homework 3/13

Parents, I want to encourage you to attend the HSA meeting tonight at 6.  As a parent, I  did not know how much Scantron was used in our classrooms to determine areas of improvement for the students. I think this is a great opportunity and I am excited to attend not just as a teacher, but as a parent as well 🙂

7th Grade Math: Test tomorrow!!  Finish your study guide tonight.  Use your book to look up any problems that give you difficulty.  I will only go over problems before the test if you show me you tried to do them on your own and you looked them up in the book and still do not understand. 

6th Math: Practice Set  and Written Practice Stars p. 198 – 199

8th Math: Reteaching 34.

6th English: See homework information below..

Wax Museum Information!! We will be hosting our Wax Museum on 3/22 from 12:30 – 1:30 in the flex room. Parents are invited to attend. 🙂

March 14 : Final Drafts of Paper and Speech are due. I am collecting your final paper tomorrow!!!

(I am not collecting your speech.  I wanted to give you a hard date to have your speech finished so you can begin to memorize your speech for next week!! You must be ready to give your mostly memorized speech to the class on Tuesday and or Wednesday depending on time. Please practice at home!!)

March 20 – 21 : We will work on memorizing and practicing speech in class. As well as final prep for museum day.

March 22 : Wax Museum Day. Backdrop, costume and memorized speech are due. You will receive an invitation with times to visit our wax museum. The museum will be open 12:30 – 1:30.

Today’s Homework..Finish writing the sentences below on to your worksheet in the proper triangle..

I help Mom every day.

I am helping Mom right now.

I have helped Mom today.

I will have helped Mom everyday by next week.

I helped Mom yesterday.

I was helping Mom last week.

I had helped Mom yesterday.

I will help Mom tomorrow.

I will be helping Mom again next week.

Parents, see you tonight at the HSA meeting at 6pm.