Homework 3/8

7th Math: WP p. 197 stars and try and sign up for Khan Academy.  The class number is 2PB5QKE4.  There are some assignments for you there to practice the skills we are doing in class.


8th Math: Complete the combining like terms worksheet.  There are assignments for you in Khan Academy 🙂


6th Math: Test tomorrow!!  There are some decimal assignments in Khan Academy for you to practice if you are signed up.  The class number is R2HPZ4. 


6th English: Your rough speech is due tomorrow.  We will get together in pairs and edit each others speech with a checklist that I will give you tomorrow.  Remember it is a summary of your paper, but in the first person.  Introduce yourself, give the important facts about your person, tell us about your person’s major accomplishment (s) and add an interesting fact. The conclude with a place they can find more information (the book or website that you used to get the bulk of your information.) There were 2 flash drives left in the computer lab….I have them.  Come and see me in the morning if you left your drive in the library. 🙁


Any concerns/questions let me know 🙂