Homework 3/5

7th Math:  Finish Practice set from class today p. 185, Written Practice Stars p. 185.  Reteaching Re -dos turn in has been extended until tomorrow. It must be on a separate sheet,  labeled with each lesson and problem number. You may do multiple sheets on 1 page that is why it is important to label.  Turn in both the original and the corrections.

Parents:  I have given each student an invite to Khan Academy.  We have a class on there. They have all the info they need to log on and join our class.  This will help students individually and as a group, as I can give them assignments to complete individually or as a group.  I am hoping to have 100% participation and to include Khan Academy as a weekly assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Just in case your student misplaces the invite, our class code is 22KF93N2.  Thank you!!! 🙂


6th Math: Reteaching 34 (Your Khan Academy invite will come home tomorrow) We will most likely have a test this week on Thursday.


8th Math: Reteaching 31 and Practice Set p. 207 (Your Khan Academy invite will also come home tomorrow)


Any questions or concerns please send me an email 🙂