Homework 2/28 and 6th English Wax Museum Information

7th Math: Extra credit was due by 3pm. There is no longer turn in available for this extra credit.  Reteaching “re-dos” are due on Monday.  We will be going over these skills during class tomorrow and on Friday, therefore you do not have to do them tonight if you are still unsure on how to solve the equations.
6th Math: Reteaching 32.
8th Math: No homework if you took the test today, if you are taking the test tomorrow, then please study 🙂
6th English: Workbook p. 66

Wax Museum Information:

Here is the latest calendar. Barring any crazy snowstorms or change in class schedule, this should be the final calendar  🙂

March 1 : Class in Computer Lab to work speech/final draft. I will return the rough drafts back to the students tomorrow to begin corrections.

March 8 : Class in Computer Lab to work on speech/final draft

March 9 : Speech Rough Draft Due (printed as a paper or on note cards) –  Does not have to be memorized. They will work together as partners to edit in class.

March 14 : Final Drafts of Paper and Speech are due.

March 20 – 22 : We will work on memorizing and practicing speech in class. As well as final prep for museum day.

March 23 : Wax Museum Day. Backdrop, costume and memorized speech are due. You will receive an invitation with times to visit our wax museum.
Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to send an email 🙂
Have a great night!