Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Thursday!

  • Please note the extreme changes in weather we’ve been having and dress your children appropriately.  The heat in the building will likely not be turned off until March or April so if a day reaches 60 degrees or higher, it gets very warm in here.  Although we cannot wear summer uniforms yet, please make sure you are dressing your children in short sleeves.   On the opposite end, if it gets bitterly cold outside, sending your children to school with only a sweatshirt is not sufficient.  If it’s 32 degrees outside, I cannot send them out for recess with no coat.

  • Wednesday envelopes came home today.  Please return them tomorrow.  The Poetry Quiz will be returned tomorrow.

Tests for the week of 2/19

Religion – Chapter 19

Spelling – Unit 23

Homework for 2/22

Math – pg. 464-465, #8-30 even