Thursday 2/22

Just a note that if you are not in school for whatever reason, I will make a “missing work” packet for you. Please see me when you return to class to get your work packet. Then, when your packet is complete, staple your work to the cover sheet and turn it all in together. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, I cannot take class time to go over missed information. If you need additional help, please see me to schedule a time or there is a study hall on every other Wednesday (next one is 2/28) in the Flex room at recess/lunch where a peer mentor or teacher can help you. I will try to post here what we completed in class as well as homework for those that are absent. Thank you!

7th Math: HOMEWORK: Reteaching 25  Today in class- Lesson 25 Dividing Fractions. Practice Set p. 178

 Class note: If homework is missing or is a demerit! There were several excuses yesterday as to why homework was not done last night. If there is a family reason or extraneous circumstance, parents, please email or send in a note. All work that is not turned in on time will be given a late grade and if not turned in by the next class period, will be given a zero. If the missed work was because you were not in school, please see above.

6th Math – Today in class – Test Review.  Parents, since the Wednesday envelope did not go home yesterday I was able to send them home today in this week’s Wednesday envelope. Please sign and return for bonus points. Thank you!

8th Math – Today in class – Investigation 3  and reteaching inv. 3.

6th English – HOMEWORK: Finish your rough draft it is due tomorrow!!  Today in class – We went to the computer lab to work on rough drafts. I am so excited to see them tomorrow!!  Finish your rough draft it is due tomorrow!!


Please email any questions or concerns.