February 19-23

February 19– February 23

Good Evening!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Here is what your child will be doing in Pre-K this week!

Math– We will be focusing on what comes first, second, and third. We will continue creating AB patterns. We will continue to focus on one to one correspondence by counting objects. We will practice writing our numbers. We will continue working on sorting. We will look at ways to group objects (size, color, and shape). We will practice making shapes with various objects.

Reading– We will continue with Unit 7, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.  We will continue to practice letter and sound recognition for letters Aa-Qq.

Religion– We will continue talking about Lent and the Stations of the Cross.

Science– We will continue our unit on winter.

Social Studies– We will be discussing what the difference is between the city and the country.  This goes along with our unit in reading.


*Library books are due on Mondays. If your child finishes reading their library book before Monday, they can turn it in earlier.

* Please remember to label your child’s clothing, chap stick, and hand sanitizer.

*Please try to dress your child appropriately for the weather.  We go outside if it is above 32 degrees.  I know it is hard when one day we are in the 60’s and then the next day we are in 30’s. ?

* Please only allow one stuff animal to come to school for rest time. Please make sure all other toys are kept at home.  Thank you!!