Homework and Math test information 2/15

7th Math: PS and WP evens p. 166.  Test next  Thursday.

6th Math: WP odds and stars p. 159. Test Monday

8th Math: no homework tonight. Test next Friday.

6th English: Keep working on your rough draft. We will be back in the computer lab next Thursday 2/22.  Rough Drafts are due 2/23.  Parents, students saved work on zip drives today. Some students zip drives are older or bent. Please check your student’s zip drive to be sure it is in good working order.  Might I also suggest, setting your child up with a google drive account. (If you do, be sure they know the logon and password, as they will need it to log in on the computer in the lab.) The drive would allow the student save his/her work to the drive, and access it from any computer.  Please be sure the students are saving their work.  This will make it easier for students to make corrections and to complete the final draft without having to retype it. Thanks so much for your support and helping your student throughout this research paper.


Keep up the great work!!