Kindergarten- Week 23!

February 12-  February 16

Braxton is our Faithful Friend this week!

Our Valentine’s Day party is tomorrow, Tuesday 2/13/18 at 2pm! We will be painting our cereal boxes today, to prepare to receive our Valentines tomorrow! Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, we will have Mass on Wednesday.

Math- We are learning how to pay for items up to $1.00 using dimes, doing pictographs, comparing length, and identifying shorter and longer.

Reading- We are finishing our unit on Ettabetta, and will be learning about our new Superkid Hot Rod, and the letter “Hh”!

Science- This week in science we are still learning about weather patterns, and learning about reading the temperature on a thermometer.

Social Studies- Students will begin learning about maps, and directions.

Religion- This week in religion we are learning about how God made us, and about how much God loves us!