Monday, February 5, 2018

*Black History Month*

Tests for the week of 2/5/18 (Tests will be given Friday.)

Spelling – StoryBoard will be counted as a test grade.  I am starting the students out slowly, however.  They will need to choose 3 words from the Unit 21 list and create three separate slides.  Slides will be graded on neatness, sentence formation, grammar, and spelling.

Science – Chapter 5, Lessons 3 and 4

Reading – Vocabulary and Comprehension test for Hurricanes:  Earth’s Mightiest Storms

Homework for 2/5

Math – Worksheet on Long Division.  Students will be working hard this week on long division.  It has been a difficult concept for some.

Spelling – Storyboard accounts must be created tonight.  This is worth 5 points.  In addition, students are to complete pg. 138-139.