Homework 2/5

7th math: p. 139 Practice Set and WP * only.  We will be using a compass to create circles on Friday.  Please be sure your student has a compass by Friday.  If it is impossible, please let me know via email mccarthyj@sjshollywood.org by Wednesday.  I have one from the beginning of the year from 5 Below that came with a protractor for $1.00.  I’m not 100% sure if they have them now, but if not there, I am sure they are at Walmart or Target.  Thank you for your support! 🙂

6th Math: p. 138 Practice Set and WP * only.

8th Math: p. 150 Practice Set and WP * only.

6th English: We do not have class to day but you were assigned on Friday page 58 in your workbook to finish for HW – due tomorrow.  Also, here are some important dates for your Wax Museum Project:

Rough Draft is Due – February 20th.

Final Draft of Paper and Rough Draft of Speech is Due – March 9th

Final Draft  Speech is Due – March 14th

Our Wax Museum is scheduled for March 21st.

These dates are tentative!!  I have added an extra date for a rough draft for the speech.  I will also send home a letter this week with these dates and the rubric for the speech and the paper.  Any questions, please let me know! Have a great day!