Homework 1/31

7th Math: We are almost finished with our tiny houses!!  Finish your calculations tonight, so we can work on our final sheets tomorrow. You will have time to work on it in class. Tomorrow’s homework is to have your house completed for assembly.  Since we have Mass, you will NOT have time to work on your house other than to assemble it!!!  Your completed house is your weekly quiz grade. Your rough draft and your calculations will count for class wor and participation grades for this week!!  This is a work at your pace project but it needs to be totally completed by Friday  – end of class 🙂

6th Math: Reteaching ratio worksheet

8th Math: No homework  – Retreat

6th English – Finish your Acrostic Poem, with color for hallway display. Don’t forget to put your name on the front 🙂

Have a great evening!