Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The lunch choice for tomorrow has changed.  Tomorrow’s lunch choice is pancakes.

Happy Tuesday! 

  • Tomorrow is our field trip to the all schools mass at IHM.  If your child does not turn in their field trip form tomorrow, they may not go on the field trip.

  • Reading scantron will be finished on Friday if your child did not finish today.

  • Ask your students about the Taxation Without Representation game we played today in Social Studies!  I think they have a better understanding now about how unfairly the colonists were treated!

  • We did enjoy some outside time on this beautiful day!

  • Students have been challenged to write about what they would like to be when they grow up and how their Catholic Schooling will influence or has influenced their decision.  Next week is Catholic Schools Week, and these will be on display! I can’t wait to read them!



Spelling – Unit 19

Religion – Chapter 16

Math – Full test, focusing on lessons 51-60 + Math Power Up (Multiplication)


Spelling – pg. 128-129

English – Finish Catholic School Week Rough Draft! This is worth 15 points and the first grade in English for the 3rd quarter.  To receive full credit, an adult MUST do the editing!  It is due tomorrow.  No excuses :).