8th Grade Parents and Families: the date for 8th Grade Graduation is Tuesday June 5th at 6:30pm in the church with a reception immediately following in the MHC.  The last day of school for 8th grade students will be Thursday, May 31st.


7th and 8th Grade:  Your letter writing project contract needs to be turned in by FRIDAY!

8th Grade: Quiz corrections for Chapter 1 are due on Friday. If I don’t receive them, your current grade in the gradebook stands.  You will earn 1/2 point back for each correct answer you make.  Vocab Lesson 12 workbook is due on Friday.  Nouns test will be on Thursday and you received your study guide today.  

7th Grade: Nouns test will be on Monday, January 22 and you received your study guide today.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE READ pages 1-20 read in Zlata’s Diary for tomorrow.  Our class discussion depends on it.

6th Grade: For Thursday, please have chapter 9 read in Pay it Forward.