Homework 1/16

There is no homework for Math tonight!  Thank you, students, for working so hard on your math Scantron testing again today!  For those of you that still need to finish, Mrs. Papp will catch up with you and let you know when you that will happen, most likely over the next couple of days.


6th English: Your Research is due tomorrow!!! If we have a delay, it is still due tomorrow!!   If we have a snow day, it is due on Thursday.   If you do not have your research or it is incomplete, you will have earned a demerit.  You have had plenty of time, including class today, so no excuses!! There are no late turn ins.  Of course, unless you are absent :)! I am so excited for this project and from the energy today I think you are too!!!

Some of you were asking for the biography.com link, here it is…http://www.biography.com

Other helpful links…



Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.