January 12

I am sorry I didn’t post the homework here last night. If you were absent and are looking for the assignments, just send me an email and I can fill you in.

There is no homework this weekend.


Just a reminder for 6th English, your research is due on the 17th!  We will be working on your projects during class on Tuesday after we finish up what we didn’t finish today on adjectives.  I have asked Mr. LaRue for the iPads so you will have some online research capability.  Please do not only rely on class time to finish your research.  You have had since December 8th to work on this project and it is going to take you some time so do  not leave it for the night before!!  Some of you were asking for the biography.com link, here it is…http://www.biography.com

Other helpful links…



Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great weekend!