Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

  • Student’s began their math Scantron testing today.  Most of the class did not finish, and I am looking for a time this week to have them complete it.  Due to computer and library classes, computer lab time is a bit tight.  I will do my best to have everyone finish math Scantron by the end of this week.  If they do not finish this week, they will finish the early part of next week.  We are a day behind due to yesterday’s day off.  Thank you for  having them well rested and fed!
  • I have been receiving several “panic” e-mails due to the end of the quarter happening.  Parents, I will be giving assignments and grading papers right up until next Friday, January 19th, which is the end of the second quarter.  Each student will have their lowest grade in each subject dropped because of the shortened quarter and our inclement weather.  I hope this alleviates some worry. 
  • There is still time to get AR points!  Keep trucking!  Remember that AR becomes 20% of the reading grade in the 3rd and 4th quarters.
  • Monday, January 15th, is a holiday.


Spelling – Unit 17

Science – Test on Chapter 5, Lesson 1

Sounder – Multiple Choice on Chapters 5-7


Spelling – Finish pg. 116-117