January 1-5

January 1 – January 5

Good Evening!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!!

Here is what your child will be doing in Pre-K this week!

Math– We will continue to focus on one to one correspondence by counting objects.  We will introduce the number 11. We will practice writing our numbers 0-11. We will continue working on sorting. We will look at ways to group objects (size, color, and shape). We will practice making shapes with various objects.

Reading– We will start Unit 5, Jingles, Poems, and Rhymes.

Religion– We will begin Lesson 22: Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday. We start Religion with “The Glory Be”. At snack and lunch, we say the “Grace Before Meals” prayer. Our morning prayer is the “Our Father”.

Science– We will start our unit on Winter.



*Library books are due on Mondays. If your child finishes reading their library book before Monday, they can turn it in earlier.

* Please remember to label your child’s clothing.