Homework 12/19

7th Math: Finish Christmas Day Schedule in Going to Grandma’s Math Project Booklet

8th Math: Finish Reteaching 14 worksheet

6th Math: Finish Reteaching 15

6th English: I have only received 6 cookie recipe “how to” assignments.  Please have your cookie recipes turned into me as soon as possible. We will not have class tomorrow for the class party, Thursday is an early release day, we will also not have class then either, so you will need to get it to me on your own during the day.  If it is not turned in before the break, it will be counted as a zero. Parents, you may also email it to me and I can print it out at school. I would like to put all the recipes together into a booklet to send  home on Thursday.

Please email me any questions or concerns mccarthyj@sjshollywood.org