Kindergarten- Week 16!

December 18- December 21

If you’ve signed up to purchase an item for the Christmas Child, please bring it in on or before December 20th.

Wednesday, December 20th at 2pm is Kindergarten’s Christmas party!

Thursday, December 21st is the Para Liturgy, with a cookie social to follow in the MHC!


Math- This week in math we will be discussing graphs, and reviewing what we have learned thus far with analog clocks. Also, solving a problem by acting it out, and paying for things using pennies.

Reading- We are learning about our new Superkid, Icky!!

Science- Nick is our scientist this week! Our Scientist of the Week will come in and perform an experiment (practiced at home prior) in front of the whole class! We are learning about weather in science.

Religion- The students will be adding the 3rd candle to their Advent wreaths, and we will be discussing what Advent and Christmas means and why this time of the year is so special.