Dec. 8

8th Grade: Spelling and Vocab Lesson 9 quiz will be on Monday.  Compound, singular and plural nouns quiz will be Monday as well. Make sure you are working on your fiction book report!

7th Grade:Despite reminding the students to bring their Literature books to class today, 15 of the 27 students present in today’s class did not have their book.  Very disappointing.  As a reward for the students who did follow directions, classwork went as planned.  The students who did not have their books with them will need to read pages 334-336 and answer (in complete sentences) questions 1, 2 and 4 for homework. This will be checked for completion and graded on Monday.

Make sure you are working on your Saint book report project.

6th Grade: Make sure you are working on your book report! Enjoy your weekend!