Dec 7

I apologize for my lack of updates the last 2 days.  My eldest went down hard(while in my class) with strep on Tuesday and I left immediately after school to take him to Med Express.  After 3 hours and a positive strep test, we were on our way home with antibiotics.  Yesterday, I left to go check on him right after school and his fever was sky high.  So, my mom card trumped my teacher card and I hope that you all understand.  🙂

8th Grade: We will be practicing for the living Nativity tomorrow morning so please make sure you are here on time.  Your vocab/spelling test for lesson 9 will be on Monday.  We will have a compound, singular and plural nouns quiz on Monday as well.  You guys know this material so please don’t stress!!!

7th Grade: Compound, plural and singular nouns quiz is tomorrow.  Just like 8th grade, you know this stuff!!!

6th Grade: I enjoyed starting Pay It Forward with you today.  I can’t wait to read more tomorrow!  No homework today.

10 Days of Giveaways is in full swing!  $1.00/ticket.  Get your tickets soon for a chance to win all the awesome prizes Student Council has picked out!!!