Kindergarten- Week 14!

December 4- December 8

Emily is our Faithful Friend this week!

If you’ve signed up to purchase an item for the Christmas Child, please bring it in on or before December 20th.

Wednesday, December 6th is a VERY special day at SJS! The entire student body and teachers will be going to see The Star at the movies! And we will have a Papa John’s pizza day, free to all students. We love our students at SJS!

Math- This week in math, students will be comparing objects by weight (mass), identifying a missing piece in a matrix, identifying AB and ABB patterns, and learning about geometric shapes.

Reading- We are continuing to learn about our Superkid “Lily” this week!

Science- Addy is our scientist this week! Our Scientist of the Week will come in and perform an experiment (practiced at home prior) in front of the whole class!

Religion- The students made their Advent wreaths, and we will be discussing what Advent means and why this time of the year is so special.