Tuesday 11/28/17

  • Tomorrow there will be a bake sale. Don’t forget your money!

  • Field trip forms are coming home today for our field trip next week to see The Star.  Please turn in field trip forms and money by Friday.

Tests for the week of 11/27…all tests will be held on Friday, December 1st, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE SOUNDER VOCABULARY TEST, WHICH WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH.

Religion – Unit 12

Spelling – Unit 13

Reading – Vocabulary Test on Chapters 2 and 3—Thursday.

                   Comprehension Test on Chapters 1 and 2 —–Friday.

Science  –  Test on Chapter 2, Lesson 4


MathLesson 42, Lesson Practice, pg. 272 and Written Practice, pg. 273-274, #1-6 and #13-19

Religion – workbook pg. 45

EnglishFinish the rough draft of the Advent Acrostic Poem. Work with mom and dad to come up with good, thoughtful phrases/sentences.