Homework 11/28

7th Math– In text p. 78-80 Practice set a and b and Written Practice #14-28.

6th Math – In text p. 52-53 practice set a-d and WP # 1 – 15

6th English – Workbook p. 34 (if you didn’t finish in class) and p. 35

8th Math – 8th – Do a short review for HSPT! More importantly, get a good night’s sleep and don’t forget to eat breakfast!!  🙂 I am keeping you all in my prayers to do your very best! Remember…You are smart, you are loved and you are a child of God!!

Really, my students,  you all should read 8th grade’s homework, no you don’t have to study… but all the rest 🙂

Email any questions or concerns 🙂