Monday 11/27

Happy Monday!  Please see today’s e-mail regarding up and coming events!

  • Tomorrow, November 28th, is a non-uniform day for those who hold a virtue pass from October.

  • Wednesday there will be a bake sale. Don’t forget your money!

Tests for the week of 11/27…all tests will be held on Friday, December 1st, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE SOUNDER VOCABULARY TEST, WHICH WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH.

Religion – Unit 12

Spelling – Unit 13

Reading – Vocabulary Test on Chapters 2 and 3—Thursday.

                   Comprehension Test on Chapters 1 and 2 —–Friday.

Science  –  Test on Chapter 2, Lesson 4


Math – 2 worksheets on subtracting across zeros and missing factors

Spelling – Unit 13, pages 90-91