November 16

There will be no lunch served tomorrow so all students must bring a lunch from her!

8th Grade:

Vocab and Spelling Lesson 7 is Monday 11/20  Quiz will be Monday as well.

A Single Bead needs to be finished by 11/27

Your Fiction Book Report is due on Dec 15.

Your Letter Writing Project Contract sheet needs to be completed and turned in on January 12, 2018 (2018…wowza!!!)

Big THANKS to Mrs. Alvey and Mrs. Massa for organizing and helping with our Thanksgiving Feast!  Everything was delicious!!

7th: Reading: Please finish the 7 Riddles to Nowhere questions for tomorrow if you didn’t finish them in class.  English: Please complete the Contemplating Correspondence sheet for tomorrow.  You must have this in class tomorrow as it is our lead in activity to writing a friendly letter.

7 Riddles to Nowhere needs to be finished by 11/27

You need to have your biography picked out and approved by Monday.  Your report is due on Dec. 15 and the presentations will be the 18th, 19th and 20th

6th: Three Little Pigs Point of View worksheet #6-10

Red Kayak needs to be finished by 11/27

Book Report is Due Dec. 18th