Wednesday 11/15/17

  • We have had a rocking few days in 4th grade!  I am SO impressed by everyone’s strive for AR points.  Many children received 7 points yesterday on the Army Brats AR so I will have to do some raising of goals before Christmas!  I am thoroughly enjoying watching the students race to be the best they can be.  They have an eagerness to learn, and it is exciting!


  • Sounder books should be at my house by mid afternoon.  This is exciting!  Even though we were short by 3 books today, I had students pair up and read together.  After they read together, we had a discussion about Chapter 1.  They totally rocked it.  Everyone was eager to share PERTINENT information, relating to the story.  I could tell they really understood what was going on and gained knowledge by sharing their reading with one another.


  • Thank you again, for signing up for pie baking items.  Please remember to e-mail me if you can be at school next Tuesday at 12:30 to help out with the activity!  So far, I have heard from 2 parents.

Tests for Friday 11/17

Religion Students will not be tested on Chapter 10, but they will be tested on Chapter 11.  The Chapter 11 test will not be until next Tuesday, 11/21.

MathTest on Lessons 31-40

ScienceTest on Chapter 2, Lesson 3

Homework for 11/16

Math worksheet

Spelling City Assignment due tomorrow!

ScienceFinish worksheet.  The CRITICAL THINKING is worth 5 points.  The worksheet is worth a total of 20 points.  Students were also given a study guide today for their science test on Friday.