November 13- November 17

November 13 – November 17

Good Afternoon!

It was so nice to meet with many of you for conferences last week!  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  I want to say thank you to all of you who contributed to “Operation Shoe Box”!  The children enjoyed packing shoe boxes with gifts for children around the world.

Here is what your child will be doing in Pre-K this week!

Math– We will continue to focus on one to one correspondence by counting objects.  We will continue with the concepts of size; small, medium, and big. We will introduce the number 7.  We will start a new concept this week, sorting. We will look at ways to group objects (size, color, and shape).

Reading– We will finish Unit 3, La Tortuga.  We will finish working on the letters Ee and Ff.

Religion– We will begin Lesson 8: Baptism. Please send in or email pictures of your child’s baptism to me if you have them. We will have a center where they pretend to baptize a baby!  We now start Religion with “The Glory Be”. At snack and lunch, we say the “Grace Before Meals” prayer. Our morning prayer is the “Our Father”.

Science– We will be learning about hibernation.

Social Studies– We will continue talking about location (where we live). We will be learning about maps.  We will be learning there are 7 continents and we live on the continent, North America!


*Library books are due on Mondays. If your child finishes reading their library book before Monday, they can turn it in earlier.

* Scholastic book club was due yesterday but, if you are interested in purchasing books it is not to late!  I will accept orders up to 4 pm Wednesday, November 15.

*Please remember to label your child’s clothing. Have a great week!!