Monday 11/13/17

Bake sale will continue tomorrow!

Please see the link I sent out earlier for our pie baking day!

*In reading today, we took time to finish our Army Brats book and take an AR test on it.  We did not read any from Sounder.  I ordered 7 extra Sounder books from Ebay, and they are supposed to arrive early this week.  Students will not be given any comprehension test on Sounder until each student has his/her own book.*

Tests for Friday 11/17

Religion Students will not be tested on Chapter 10, but they will be tested on Chapter 11.  The Chapter 11 test will not be until next Tuesday, 11/21.

MathTest on Lessons 31-40

ScienceTest on Chapter 2, Lesson 3

Homework for 11/13

MathLesson Practice and Written Practice, pg. 235 and 236—a-f and #1-11

Spelling Complete pg. 78-79


In English today, we worked on the art of persuasion!  This prepared the students for their turkey writing activity this week.  4th grade had to persuade me to not give them any more homework today, and they succeeded at their mission!  Therefore, I expect some really great papers from them this week!