Homework 11/13

Happy Monday!  6th and 7th have a field trip this week, no class on Wednesday 🙂

I would like all math students to have a protractor for work after Thanksgiving. I have a couple to lend but I want the students to be able to use them for homework, so that is a very limited option. I am willing to help, just let me know with an email or a note.  Thanks, parents, for all you do and your support! I am truly thankful for all of you and all of your students 🙂


7th  –  p. 64 W.P. #1-18

8th – p. 51 W.P. # 1 – 30 evens

6th math – p. 44 practice set a – h

6th English – workbook 25-27 due Tuesday

Please email me any questions or concerns..