Kindergarten- Week 10!

November 6- November 10

Wednesday, November 8th is a Tag Day. Please send $2 in per child for Tag Day, if your child would like to participate.

Our Veteran’s Day  Program is 9:00am on Thursday,  November 9th. We would love to see you there! Thursday is also an early dismissal day, and a non-uniform day for students- wear red, white and blue! In Kindergarten, we will be learning all about Veteran’s Day, and what it stands for.

If you haven’t sent in your folder and/or Room Mom money for Kasie Buckler, please send it in ASAP.



Math- Students are beginning to learn about coins, and how to count change with coins.

Reading- We are continuing our unit on the Superkid Doc, and “Dd”.

Social Studies-Students are learning about collaboration, and finding the best ways to solve problems.

Science- Students are continuing to learn about how all animals are gifts from God, and how we can take care of those animals.