Monday 11/6

****Please Read****  It is my expectation that assignments are turned in on their due date.  It is my policy to deduct 10 points per day for every day the assignment is late up until 4 days.  After the 4th day, I will not accept the assignment (unless a valid reason has been given).  These points will come off of the grade given for the assignment.  For example, if the student receives a 95 on an assignment but turns it in 2 days late, they will receive a 75.  Students need to be responsible for turning work in on time.  

8th Grade:

  1. Verb test tomorrow!  Use these notes to study.

7th Grade: 

  1. Verb Test will be on Thursday.  We will be reviewing tomorrow and Wednesday.  Please use the notes above (in 8th Grade section) to guide what you are studying!

6th Grade: 

Fiction Book Report: Due December 18th.  No late assignments will be accepted. If you know you will be out that week, please plan accordingly and turn it in before you leave.

  1. Find a book and have it approved by Mrs. Engel by November 14th.
  2. Read the book
  3. Stay tuned