7th and 8th Grade Students are going to St. Mary’s Ryken tomorrow to see their fall production of “Fools”.  Please wear the Blue Ribbon shirt that was handed out today.  You must pack a lunch.  We will be leaving school at 9:30ish and returning around 1:30…just in time for our 1st Pep Rally!

8th Grade:

  1. Verb test has been moved to Tuesday 11/7.    
  2. Verb mood worksheet is due on Friday. 
  3. Spelling and Vocabulary test is Monday 11/6

7th Grade: 

  1. Verb Test has been moved til next week.  We will be doing some more work to get 7th guys ready and well versed in all things Verbs! 

6th Grade: 

  1. Red Kayak chapter 5-9 work is due on Monday 11/6