Homework 11/1

Happy All Saints Day!


Since we went to Mass as a whole class today, I did not see 7th Math..no homework for you guys.

6th Math: We had a super short class today also because of Mass, and our wonderful 5th grade Saint Introductions, so we discussed fractions of a whole and Halloween candy. We figured out if Hunter ate 75% of his 125 pieces of candy he would have eaten about (we didn’t carry the remainder) 93 pieces.  But, Hunter, said that he only ate 70% of his 125 pieces of candy. For homework, everyone needs to figure out; About how many pieces of candy did Hunter eat if he ate 70% of 125 pieces of candy.  (Hint: it is less than 93!)

8th Math: Practice Set a – i on page 44.

6th English:  Vague Pronouns in your interactive notebook for grammar.  Cut out the squares and glue them into your notebook.  The bottom square is only glued down in the middle.  Cut the solid lines for flaps and rewrite the sentence on the flap on the paper underneath so that the sentence makes sense. Color your pages as you wish.  Any questions please send me an email 🙂

Have a great night!