8th Grade:

  1. Verb test has been moved to Monday 11/6. 
  2. Essay #2 is due on tomorrow. 
  3. Vocab words and definitions are due on tomorrow. 

7th Grade: 

  1. Verb Test has been moved til next week.  We will be doing some more work to get 7th guys ready and well versed in all things Verbs! 
  2. Please re-read The Monkey’s Paw.

6th Grade: 

  1. Red Kayak chapter 5-9 work is due on Monday 11/6

If you are trick or treating tonight, have fun and be safe!!!!!!  Remember tomorrow is Maryland Pride Day!  Please remember we have All Saints Day mass tomorrow.  Please dress appropriately :).  Mass is at 9:00 am.

Thursday is Decades Day and Friday is SJS School Spirit.

7th and 8th grade field trip to see “Fools” at SMR is Friday.  We will be leaving at 9:00am and return back to SJS at 1:30 for the Pep Rally!!!  Please pack a lunch.  If you have not sent in your permission slip, please do so by tomorrow.

God Bless!