October 30th

8th Grade: Verb test has been moved to Monday 11/6.  Essay #2 is due on 11/1 (can you believe we are in November already?!?!?).  Vocab words and definitions are due on 11/1.  Please re-read The Raven tonight.

7th Grade:  Verb Test has been moved til next week.  We will be doing some more work to get 7th guys ready and well versed in all things Verbs!  Please re-read The Monkey’s Paw.

6th Grade:  Please finish answering these questions:

  1.  Montresor has born a thousand injuries.  What makes him vow revenge?
  2. Why is it important that the narrator punish with impunity?  EXPLAIN
  3. Wgat us Fortunato’s weakness?
  4. Why does Fortunato keep repeating” Amontillado”?  EXPLAIN
  5. Why are the attendants at the narrator’s house gone?  EXPLAIN

Red Kayak chapter 5-9 work is due on Monday 11/6