October 16-22

I want to let you know what your child will be doing in Pre-K this week!

Math– We will continue to focus on one to one correspondence by counting objects.  We will continue to learn the concepts, first and last. We will be learning the numeral five and how to write the number five.  The shape your child will learn is the star. We will graph what apples liked the best, red or green apples.

Reading– We will be continuing Unit 2, The Three Bears.  In this unit we will focus on the color, blue. We will practice writing the letters, Cc and Dd.

Religion– We will be focusing on Lesson 5: God’s House-The Church.  We will be going over for a visit to the church. We will continue working on the prayers, “Sign of the Cross” and “The Glory Be”. At snack and lunch, we say the “Grace Before Meals” prayer.

Science– We will be continue learning all about Fall. This week we finish up with apples.  We will be tasting green and red apples to see what apples the students like the most.

Social Studies–  We will continue talking about location (where we live). We will be learning about maps.



*Library books are due on Mondays. If your child finishes reading their library book before Monday, they can turn it in earlier.

*Friday, October 20- A fun-filled day of Mass, Pumpkin Farm Field Trip, and Fall Festival!!!  I hope to see you there!!

*Sunday, October 22- Sunday School Mass- Come see the SJS staff participating in the 9am Mass and have your child wear their SJS uniform!!