Kindergarten- Week 7!

October 16- October 20

This is a VERY exciting week in Kindergarten! Friday is our field trip to Forrest Hall Farm, where we will pick out pumpkins, try out the corn maze and just have FUN! After the field trip is our SJS Fall Festival, full of games, food and more fun! If you haven’t turned in your child’s permission slip and money for the field trip, please do so ASAP!

Linden is our Faithful Friend in Kindergarten this week!

Math- We will be continuing to practice the numbers we have learned thus far. Students are learning how to identify most and fewest, and how to identify a missing number. We will also be learning positioning, for example first, second, third, fourth, first, last, etc. Students will also be learning about AB patterns.

Reading- We finished learning about our Superkid Golly last week, and will be introducing our new Superkid Alf this week! We will be focusing on the letter “Aa”, and how much Alf loves adventures.

Social Studies- We are focusing on how to be a good citizen, what responsibility is, and how to be good friends to each other.

Religion- This week the students are learning about how all of nature are gifts from God, including the land and water. We are thankful to God for giving us all of these beautiful gifts of nature.