Tuesday, 10/10

  • Tomorrow is a 1/2 day.
  • Tomorrow is Papa John’s pizza day.  You may only get Papa John’s pizza if you turned in your form and paid already.
  • Today, student’s re-took their English tests and Vocabulary tests from last week if they scored less than a 90%.  I did this because I understand that some students might have needed the extra guidance since I was out last week on their testing day.  In addition, I am continuing to stress the importance of reading directions and making careful choices on all tests.  I let the students know this gift will not always be available to them.  They need to be responsible and learn independence with their test taking skills.
  • For the reading  and English tests, the tests with the star at the top are the re-takes.  The test on top is the highest score, and I put that grade into my grade book.
  • Next week, October 20th, is the Fall Festival.  Parents are more than welcome to join us.  Tickets can be purchased by using the form sent home in last week’s Wednesday envelope. 
  • 4th grade has mass this Friday.  All are welcome to join!  I will e-mail you by Thursday if your child is participating in mass this week.

Tests for the week of 10/10.  Tests will be given this Friday, 10/13.

  • Comprehension test on Me and Uncle Romie
  • Science test on lessons 3 and 4, Chapter 1.

Homework for 10/10

  • Math – Lesson 21, pg. 130-131, #1-15
  • Social Studies – worksheet on Lesson 1 vocabulary
  • Spelling – Unit 6, pg. 48-49